RFID consulting

Providing Expert Services To Help Our Clients Implement RFID

Our Freedom RFID Experts conduct an on-site evaluation with a detailed discussion about your specific objectives, location, and challenges giving you unbiased technical guidance that addresses real business problems across your facility. Striking a fair and balance approach we provide practical recommendations about leveraging and deploying the right technology to fit your needs while mitigating any existing bias towards the technology. By evaluating the physical layout of your location we can advise on the necessary support reading range, low interference and high capture rates that allow you to succeed in today's highly competitive market. By physically testing environmental factors, we carefully evaluate the products to be monitored as we identify optimal tagging location and orientation on the product or packaging. That makes us a valued resource to your business.

  • Winner of RSPA Best Innovation Solution
  • Featured Technology in the Microsoft Retail Experience Center
  • Partner Advisory Council Member for RFID - Microsoft
  • KioskCom Best New Self-Service Innovation

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