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RFID Consulting

Over 12 years of experience on the cutting edge of RFID development. Our experts can guide you to the most valuable solution for your unique needs.

Freedom Platform

A powerful, flexible, and scalable licensed platform to unite all your inventory management and location technology. From in-house development to fully-realized solutions.

Freedom Marketplace

A networked hub of preferred partners that can supply anything and everything you need to make your RFID (and related tech) solutions a reality.

Whatever you need in rfid, we can help

Unparalleled domain knowledge, powerful proprietary development tools, and a comprehensive network of partners.
Time is money. Time PLUS money is Freedom.

Take advantage of our years of experience in RFID and related technology. Let us help you regain lost time, enhance business processes, and improve bottom line results.

We accomplish this by helping you take control of the people, items, zones, and events that comprise your manageable assets, and optimizing them across the entire product lifecycle.

MANAGE your vendors. OPTIMIZE your labor. MANAGE your inventory. LOCATE your items. STREAMLINE your processes. SERVICE your customers.

  • Freedom Platform

    A scalable development platform with licensing rights, the Freedom Platform forms a stable foundation for any RFID-based tech solution you need.

  • Freedom Marketplace

    A shortlist of vetted, trusted partners to "fill in the gaps" anywhere our team can't supply the very best solution to your problem.

  • Freedom Consulting

    Putting our knowledge and experience to the test to ensure you're walking away with the very best solution possible.

How Freedom RFID Saves You Time:

(and money, effort, and face.)
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The Freedom RFID Team

Unparralelled Knowledge and Experience
Brian Cooper
Brian Cooper
Adam Ramsey
Adam Ramsey
Adam graduated with a BA from University of North Carolina at Asheville. He oversees all systems, development, documentation and support teams within the Freedom RFID. Adam advocates for the continued evolution of RFID applications and product offerings as we continue to evolve beyond the ‘RFID Self-Checkout’ of the company’s beginning inception.
Rob Simmons
Rob Simmons
Business Development
Rob graduated with a BA from Tulane University and completed his Masters at UCLA Anderson School of Management. In conjunction with his previous background as the Executive Director at Rock Barn Golf and Spa as well as the International Director at Hickory Springs Manufacturing, Rob has a wide background with expertise in process analysis, project management/mergers and acquisitions. He is an industry veteran focused on team environment, with an emphaiss on discipline and the practical application of technology. As the founder of Freedom RFID, his passion is to serve strategic partners with the most effective product with the best value in terms of performance, reliability and return on investment (ROI). With that in mind, Rob and his partners established Freedom Shopping and opened the first 100% RFID store in 2005.
Bob Ly
Bob Ly
Cindy Daniel
Cindy Daniel

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