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Freedom RFID, Inc. is dedicated to creating affordable and easy-to-use RFID solutions for inventory, process automation/capture, point-of-sale, security, and self-service. Over the years, we have done more than improve RFID systems. We also worked to make this technology applicable and affordable to several industries. Our clients have been using our solutions continuously since 2005, when we opened our first commercial stores with 100% item-level tagging.


  • First commercially offered 100% Item-Level RFID store in the industry from tagging at product generation and distribution center tagging, to checkout and security
  • First standard extension software to retrofit existing Point-of-Sale systems
  • First EAS system with active filtering for promotion and other variables to prevent false alarms


  • Winner of RSPA Best Innovation Solution
  • KioskCom Best New Self-Service Innovation
  • Featured Technology in the Microsoft Retail Experience Center
  • Partner Advisory Council Member for RFID – Microsoft
  • Featured Technology in the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center

Freedom RFID continues to deliver the latest and most efficient technology for inventory, inventory processes and retail.
We enable clients to incorporate innovative solutions to keep them ahead of the competition. Through our state-of-the-art tagging and tracking systems, your company will reduce costs and expenses from lost or unaccounted items and poor labor use.