Freedom RFID Visits NRF Big Show

NRF Big Show at the Javitz Center in Manhattan this January

One of the largest, most exciting NRF show at the Javitz Center happened this January in the center of New York. Freedom's Rob Simmons was there along with nearly 35,000 attendees and miles of exciting, innovative retail technology. The highlight of the Javitz Center 2017 NRF Big Show seemed to be an Omni-Channel theme, both in high-profile banners, advertising and many of the booths. RFID was being promoted in the "big room" upstairs but it was mostly as an element of Omni-Channel and consumer experience.  The smaller hall downstairs in the Big Show had a few RFID specialists showcased.

While taking in the conference, Rob Simmons met with both David Mears and Kevin Shen of Unitech, a partner of Freedom RFID. In addition to their well-known UHF RFID Handhelds, Unitech was also promoting their new "RS816" fixed reader. The Unitech "RS816" is an enterprise grade UHF RFID Fixed Reader which supports 16 reading antenna ports for mass data collection that enhances work efficiency for various RFID applications. It features a high-speed antenna switch and a multiple isolation port design. Users can separately control and adjust it from a place which makes it suitable for high-density multiport operations such as multi-lane reading or smart-shelf applications. The "RS816" Power over Ethernet (PoE) and WiFi options offer flexible installations by bypassing the usual need for AC power, allowing users to easily deploy RFID systems quickly.

Being at the forefront of RFID deployments for over a decade, Freedom has regularly worked with other software providers and integrators.  Adding RFID to your functions takes more than just adding a scanner and Freedom RFID is now working alongside various partners and looking for new avenues in IoT integration. To become a part of our network of innovators, visit our Marketplace page.