October 6, 2016


Freedom RFID Mission Statement:

Our mission is to strive to solve business concerns by translating emerging technology into solutions that maximize resources, value, assets and processes for our clients.

Our Purpose:

Our passion is to help our clients succeed in simplifying and increasing business productivity and reduce associated costs

Operational Values:


1.  Dedicated to helping create economical and intuitive RFID and technology solutions for inventory, process, automation/capture, point-of-sale, security, and self-service.

2.    We work to make emergent technology applicable to multiple industries. 

3.  We continually help improve this technology to make it applicable and affordable to several industries and verticals enabling our clients to incorporate innovation that keeps them ahead of the competition

4.   We enhance our clients working environments by promoting a better processes, integrity and value in today’s highly aggressive global economy. 

5.    We partner with innovation and manufacturing leaders to create an environment to share information on emerging practical business systems