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Manage and Deploy RFID and other applications throughout your enterprise. Capture information about your items vital to your organization. Improve your insight and make informed decisions about your processes.

This is the core component of the solution in that it allows a developer to communicate with RFID and non-RFID hardware, as well as other software controls. Additionally, the SDK interfaces to the Bridge, Freedom’s RFID Database – which can operate as the primary or secondary data engine in a solution. The SDK comes with the necessary controls to complete this as well as some sample code to speed up the development process. The SDK has been a centerpiece of every solution Freedom RFID, and its partners, have built and is the result of 11 years of RFID industry and solution development experience.

Freedom Solution Partners

Focus On Where You Add Value

Once a solution is developed, the hard part begins – scaling the adoption and deployment of the solution without losing control of the customer experience.  The Freedom RFID Platform aids in limiting this issue by allowing Solution Partners to leverage licensing controls that give you the ability to control who may access their solution and how many seats may be consumed, by location. Additionally Solution Partners can generate license key emails, adjust license duration ranges or assign multiple solutions for a specific customer location all through the licensing engine.

This ensures the deployment of the solution at the customer site is successful. Freedom’s installer is downloaded at the customer site where the customer enters the license key generated by the licensing system.  This unique key allows any applications designated to the location to be installed on any machine. Seat or device licensing occurs through this process and is all activity is visible via the licensing dashboard. Additionally the installation will include a sync which pulls down any pre-loaded customer location data so that they may begin use of the solution within minutes.