October 6, 2016

RFID Analysis

Who we are

A team that loves to solve problems

Correct deploying of a RFID system is important for ROI capture. A complex system like RFID takes preparation.

Most businesses fail to recognize this as a problem. A Project Management Service can help ensure it gets done right the first time. We oversee all aspects of your RFID deployment. Our services include vendor management, setup, testing, records, and training.

This makes it easy for you.

Our full suite of consultative services can assist your company in the development and deployment of RFID systems, including analyzing the feasibility of a location for RFID (RF Survey), identifying the scope of a RFID project and ROI and full-scale RFID deployment management.


What we do

We keep it simple

The base of a strong RFID plan is a commercially-relevant approach.  

The aim is to identify RFID likeliness, problems, and solutions. A total, unbiased RF Survey enables a smooth RFID project.  The survey includes a report with practical actions for your team. Your team can rest at ease that you get the best advice.  

The RF Survey looks at the physical layout of your location. Then we fit a RFID system to support a reading range, low interference, and high capture rates.  It identifies hardware, tags, software, and process points. Each item works together in the RFID deployment.

I'm ready to Deploy a RFID System