April 11, 2016

RFID Consulting

Evaluating Your Site

What are the early steps in a RFID Consultation?

By evaluating your site, we cover commercially-relevant aspects of RFID implementation.  We consider this the foundation of any successful RFID project. Just like the construction of a house, the blueprint and proper plan is the most important part of the building.

Therefore, we identify feasibility, challenges, and the available choices to give you the best scenario.

A critical early step involves taking a hard look at your process to identify ROI, RFID actions and data, and workflow impact.

This can be an eye-opening experience for many. During the consulting process, an advisor will look for reflective surfaces, absorbing materials, etc. This gives you a clear understanding of the scope of a RFID deployment.

From there, our consulting RFID experts at Freedom will identify potential interference issues before they arise. This saves you unnecessary costly delays and expensive corrective rework that would happen if you used an inferior RFID system.

This evaluating process serves as the foundation of any successful RFID deployment. 

Looking at the different RFID choices

And why does it matter to your business

A Freedom Consultant will sit down with you and your team to discuss your RFID plans. We then look at the entire scope of your project and make sure the execution is built with your objectives in mind.

During your meeting, a Freedom Consultation pro will take a detailed report. We will talk about your specific targets, location, and challenges around joining multiple disciplines in your facility are all within the consultation process. Our expert consultants provide practical recommendations about everything in your supply chain.

We include helping and setting up the right technology and tell you what is the correct RFID hardware for your environment. You get a tailored, individual survey that tells you what you need. Then our team will physically test real factors by looking at the products to monitor. The next step in the process will be to identify your optimal tagging locations. In the end, we give you the proper orientation of equipment on your product or packaging for optimal supply chain management.

So what does that mean for your business?

It means that we provide a pull-through view of your system for optimal cost. We structure our RFID survey around your project goals. This produces a total report that shows you the potential results that are part of a faster order fulfillment in your supply chain.

Take on the global market with a leaner, more agile facility.