Marketplace for Software & Hardware Partners

Connect & Unleash Power by Leveraging Our IoT Relationships

Our Marketplace like a vast hub of innovation. Being at the forefront of RFID deployments for over a decade means we regularly have worked with other software providers and integrators.  So we have the connections that you need but have little time hunting for. By using our IoT network, your company finds the answers it needs, quickly. Freedom RFID Marketplace puts you in touch with these providers.

We also help Software and Hardware partners connect with each other. By hosting webinars, events and sharing information, we are providing a place to create, innovate and solve universal business concerns. Our passion is to make technology applicable and affordable to several industries and verticals.



Sometimes you just need to get it done.

Depending on the needs of your company, RFID Consultants will evaluate and recommend what will be right for your business. Sometimes that means just recommending software or referring you to a Software Provider.

Gopherwerx, a sister company of ours, has off-the-shelf RFID and Barcode solutions ready for your use. And we might recommend you to them or another software company better suited to your needs.

Sometimes you want to do it yourself.

If you wish to build your own custom RFID solution, we can help you too.  By building on our Freedom RFID ® Software RFID Platform , you can pick and choose which elements you prefer.  

This is the core component of the solution in that it allows a developer to communicate with RFID and non-RFID hardware, as well as other software controls. Additionally, the SDK interfaces to the Bridge, Freedom’s RFID Database – which can operate as the primary or secondary data engine in a solution. The SDK comes with the necessary controls to complete this as well as some sample code to speed up the development process. The SDK has been a centerpiece of every solution Freedom RFID, and its partners, have built on. It is the result of 11 years of RFID industry and solution development experience.

You can read more about the Platform here.

After all, in 11 years of RFID, we have learned a thing or two.

No matter what you are looking for, we have it.

We have the widest ranges of supported hardware in the industry, and as RFID Consultants are always looking to grow with new partners. Freedom’s expertise in testing and field evaluation provides beta testing on new products and technology to continually add value to corporations that are on the cutting edge of new business. Our passion is to help our clients succeed in simplifying and increasing business productivity and reduce associated costs.