Rob Simmons Publishes on Technology Innovation

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Rob Simmons Publishes on Technology Innovation

Freedom RFID’s co-founder and VP of Business Development, Rob Simmons, recently published a technology innovation article on the LiveWorx blog, entitled:

The Key to Profitable Technology Innovation

The article follows up on an exciting announcement Rob made at the 2017 LiveWorx conference – unveiling Freedom RFID’s new ThingWorx Ready Reader, a handheld RFID reader built on PTC’s ThingWorx platform for streamlined RFID and IoT integration.

He then goes on to relate how innovation in technology (like the Reader unveiled earlier this year) never stops, but that practicality – the ability to put evolving technology to use to help people and solve problems – needs to be a self-imposed limitation if individuals or companies hope to create value and profit in the long run.

Describing this kind of disciplined innovation, Simmons relates,

“One of the most exciting results of that effort in recent months has been the growth of our prepackaged solution set for tool crib, storeroom, and inventory management. Released under the Gopherwerx® brand and connected to the Thingworx platform, this powerful set of hardware and software solutions are getting incredible response from our customers, so many of whom knew they needed to plug holes in their asset management and supply chain processes, but weren’t ready to dive into a huge, expensive and disruptive change over to a completely new set of tools. GopherWerx® Storeroom and GopherWerx® Inventory meet this challenge by making deployment and integration a breeze, offering the perfect combination of out-of-the-box functionality and flexibility to meet each customer’s unique needs.”

Read the full article on the LiveWorx blog.

What is the LiveWorx conference?

This premier technology conference offers a year’s worth of knowledge and skill-building content in less than a week. State-of-the-art companies will have leading product experts on-hand to help solve technical issues and showcase hundreds of software applications as well as solutions.

Whether you’re focused on creating elegant product designs, managing brilliant factories, delivering efficient service, or disrupting entire markets, your peers will be here to show you what’s happening now and where they are headed in the future.

LiveWorx offers cutting-edge use cases, live demonstrations and deep-dive technical lectures that are directly related to your company’s goals. As well as Main stage keynotes with a perfect mix of industry luminaries as well as thought leaders that will challenge you to think outside of the box and find inspiration in unconventional places.

Freedom RFID sponsored the LiveWorx 2017 conference.